Khoa's Axe Guide

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I finally made my first guide for DOTA 2! Of course it would be for Axe... I posted my guide on DOTAFire and you can check it out HERE. Other than being one of my favorite heroes to play in the game, Axe is actually my most successful hero in terms of win percentage. I have played 122 games with Axe and won 61% of the time. If you are interested in seeing my entire DOTA 2 stats you can look at it on Dotabuff (keep the laughter to a minimum please). I don't think I will be making guides for ALL the heroes in DOTA 2... there's too many and I still suck or just average with most of them.

As for FSB 2, I really thought I would be playing it more but for some reason I'm not... I don't know what the explanation is... it's just I don't have the desire to play the game... maybe I'm just bored of it, the community is too small (although it is bigger than the first FSB), or I simply grew out of FSB? I will still be playing every now and then but I won't be as active as I was in the original FSB. Don't get me wrong, I like the game it's just I rather do something else or play another game rather than play FSB...

Gatsby Perfect Hair Hold Wax - Extra Hard

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is the first non moving rubber product from Gatsby that I have used and actually liked! If I had to describe it I would say this wax is a mix between the gray moving rubber, "Grunge Mat", and the purple moving rubber, "Wild Shake". This "Perfect Hold Wax" is not as matted as the gray and not as crazy as the purple... if you know what I mean haha. While I do like to use this I am still leaning towards moving rubber over the wax because I feel like this product doesn't have enough strength to it like the trusty moving rubber series. I can put the product on my hair in the morning but the effect it creates will quickly fade and my hair will go back to straight and flat in no time... unlike moving rubber which keeps the style almost all day. I guess I could put more of the wax on but I don't want my hair to feel heavy and weighted down... it's supposed to look natural remember? Maybe this "extra hard" brand is not the one I should be using... I will try out the "short hard" edition next to see if it'll make any difference. Another thing... why does this wax have to be so expensive!? The container it comes in looks fine and all but you don't get a lot at all of the product especially for the price that you pay for it... somewhere around $10-$18 for a small 60g. You don't need to use a lot of it everyday but still... I want more of it...


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Man it's hard to unlearn how to rebound a certain way after you have been doing it for so long haha. What I'm trying to say is I still sometimes find myself attempting to reverse rebound or getting the ball from all the weird angles like you can do in FSB 1. However, I still think I should be able to get some of those bounces... I swear I am in better position than the other guy and yet he can get it over me. Maybe it's lag or something... or maybe I just need more practice. Did I mention I hate the loose ball system in this game so much? It's so stupid and annoying that you can be running right on top of the ball but you won't pick it up... or it's so hard to see where the ball is going when it's on the ground... like I said before, so many times there are multiple people running around trying to get that ball and end up being nowhere near it because the ball was behind them all the time... those people must have saw the same thing right? I am glad they fixed the slow motion lag thing, much better now... there is still lag but it's "normal" lag hahaha. 
It's still so funny to me to see how some people still treat this like a regular basketball game... I mean how many times are you going to get blocked trying to drive to the basket before you stop and do something else?! FSB 2 is all about making Gamekiss money! It's even worse than before... there are so many things that requires GKash now... temporary stats on clothes, skills, the little companion people, special characters, etc... I know I won't be spending money on this game though... or definitely not as much as I did when I was playing FSB 1 hahaha.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So now that the closed beta for FSB 2 is over, there are a few things which I hope will be fixed when the open beta comes around or even at the official launch of the game. If not fixed at least improve upon it haha. There are also some stuff which I don't like about the game too... I doubt these can be altered though because it's part of the game.

1.  FIX THE FREAKING LAG! It's so bad in FSB 2... I mean even worse than I could ever imagined. I think the game actually rewards laggers! For example, the game slows down when someone is lagging but the thing is the lagger seems to be moving at normal speed... you can get the ball wide open with plenty of room to shoot, the game slows down, you pull up for the jumper, the lagger somehow made up all that space and got to where you are... BLOCKED! Are you open or are you not? I can't even tell anymore in this lag. Another thing is it's almost impossible to defend a lagger... you can't block them and you can't face them up. Oh yeah... what is the deal with the weird pump fake animation before someone shoots?? Is that a bug within the game?? Most likely it's lag like usual... that stupid thing throws off my block timing so much. Get newer servers, upgrade current ones, IP block, etc... I don't care what they do, just improve the latency... lag was one of the reasons why the first FSB basically died.

2.  For some reason I really hate the loose ball mechanics in FSB 2... it's confusing to me LOL. The ball could be bouncing around on the ground, I step right on it but I still won't get it... I have seen many times where there are 3 or 4 people running after the ball and none will get it because the bounces on the ground looks so funny and weird...

3.  Is it me or does it seem like it takes so long to shoot a jumper in this game? Maybe it's lag or something but the shooting animation is so much longer than FSB 1... I like the shooting bar/meter and all but it should be a little faster...  yes yes... I know I can shoot a "red meter" shot and that will be quicker but still... overall it should be just a tad faster...

4.  Boost the 3pt success rate for PG. Maybe it's just because of the low levels but man... I shoot like 25% on my PG ALL from wide open shots... from reading my guides you should know how I play PG... I don't jack up shots... I only shoot wide open ones and right now it seems like NOTHING goes in... I'm not asking for PG to shoot like SG but come on... how can I help out my teammates by stretching the floor if I can't make anything?!

5.  Get rid of the stupid box on the right side of the screen telling you which buttons does what... I don't need to see that thing every single game... even when I close it, the thing will appear again in the next game.

6.  Auto-ready feature would be nice. I'm tired of telling my teammates "ready up"...

7.  The ability to level up your stat points without having to leave the room.

8.  The entire lobby system needs a big upgrade... I want to see who is in there, spectate games, invite people from the lobby into a game.

That's about all the things that I can remember right now... I'm sure I left out some more annoying aspect of the game... maybe I'll remember them later or once I start playing the game again. Overall I really enjoyed playing FSB 2 these past couple of days. The game is definitely different than FSB 1 but still very fun. Unfortunately I would like to say it saddens me that the game requires a lot more A spamming than its predecessor. Oh yeah... FIX THE LAG!!!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

So... FreeStyle Street Basketball 2... what are my initial thoughts about the game after a few days of playing? It's different.. haha. It's like everything from FSB1 and it's not... if that makes any sense. Sure the controller schemes are basically intact with some new features like turbo using the SHIFT button but the gameplay feels totally different. I feel like everything is "bigger" in FSB2 in terms of both offense and defense. It seems to me it's easier to make shots and easier to block it... the developers made it easier to score but to balanced that out made it easier to block those attempts. I'm not complaining about the increase in defense because that is what I felt the last game needed. I don't know about other people but my Center (my favorite position to play btw) gets so many blocks from people attempting to drive into the paint... this would have never happened in FSB1... I really think the PF/C combo is significantly weaker in this game... well at least in the lower levels it is... I seem to be blocking SO MUCH if they try to score in the paint. As for the perimeter shots, A LOT of it goes in... I mean the stuff that you never would expect to be good in FSB1 will go in: pump fake shots, standing still shooting, bad fadeaways, etc... basically whatever was considered a "bad" shot in FSB1 will probably have a good chance to go in now. The game removed my favorite part of FSB1, kukgi... well a small part of it is still there if you try hard enough but it's no where near what it was in FSB1. You have to use the skills the game has for your position to get open... sigh... this means the emphasis on spamming A will be that much greater... however, it does require you to play off the ball more (basketball terminology) which I really like. SF is quite fun to play in the regards that you have to work pretty hard to get an open look and even play greater mind games on your defender(s). When I play SF in FSB2 I run around screens, turbo up to create space for a shot, pump fakes, etc... everything that you would expect the main scorer to do in a real life basketball game... too bad... I would have LOVE to still kukgi and shoot right in their faces hahaha (I still do that too in this new game but not that much anymore LOL). As for the PG? Well... my PG is still only level 5 right now and so far... I CAN'T MAKE A SHOT EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! HAHAHA. It doesn't matter how open I am, how good my shot bar is, whether it's a 2 or a 3, doesn't matter... it won't go in LOL! I guess it will get better once I'm higher level. Oh well... you should know how I prefer to play my PG, I don't like to be the main scorer anyways, I am just the distributor... but I would still like to make my open shots to stretch the floor a little bit... makes life much easier for the main scorer. Speaking of passing... WHERE IS THROUGH PASS?! I miss this skill... I guess if they put this in then kukgi would be back in full strength hahaha.

Overall I like FSB2. Sure there are A LOT of things which need improvements but I believe and hope it will be dealt with in the future... come on Gamekiss, don't let me down again. I want the old lobby system back... this new UI is too cluttered and tries to do too much but leaving out the basics. How come I can't see who is in the lobby? How come I can't invite people from the lobby into my game without adding them to my buddy list? How come I can't upgrade my stat points without leaving the room I am in?! These are just few of the things that annoys me right now. Oh yeah... before I forget... WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE GAME SLOWING DOWN, "MATRIX LIKE" MOVEMENTS, WHEN SOMEONE IS LAGGING?!?! I HATE IT! IT MESSES EVERYTHING UP FOR ME! Don't they realized how much of this game is depended on timing?? When the game goes into slow motion it throws EVERYTHING off... shooting the ball, running around, passing, rebounding, etc... Sigh... I can't believe I'm saying this but I prefer the laggy system in FSB1 more... HAHAHA... is this their way in the new game to deal with laggers? Like the slow motion thing... is this the new way to deal with laggy people?? I could have sworn I read somewhere in the past that FSB2 will be less reliant on network power (host) than its predecessor... or am I wrong? As of right now (maybe I just suck or something) but FSB2 still has a lot to do with whoever is host, in my honest opinion. You can really tell when you play rebounder... the one with the better connection will get EVERYTHING over you doesn't matter if you boxout, have better positioning, closer to the ball, etc.. they will basically jump in from no where to get that ball over you. This is why sometimes I still see SF getting balls over PF/C, people picking up loose balls over dives, etc... In conclusion, FreeStyle Street Basketball 2 is still young right now (the Gamekiss version that is) and hopefully the game will improve as time goes on. I will be providing more thoughts and insights on the game as I keep playing it. Don't ask me for guides right now hahaha, I am as noob as everyone is right now (maybe even worse LOL!). I am, however, happy and glad to see more people playing the game than FSB1.