FSB 2 Basics

I finally got around to posting the guide for "FSB 2 Basics". The guides for FSB 2 PG & Rebounder, which will be posted at a later time, will be a work in progress even when it's up because I will be revising it as I level up within the game. As I level up I will get to try out new skills and things so I'm sure I will be adding that stuff to the guide. Timetable for the guides? I have no idea! LOL! It's just when I have time to sit down and write it all out... or when I'm not feeling so lazy... HAHA.

Why is there no guide for offense? Well... I am mainly a defensive player, there is no kukgi in FSB 2, and the way I play offense is kinda streaky and involves too much commitment not only from you but from your team as well... I still refuse to spam A-dribble (I know this is unfathomable for the majority of the FSB community LOL). Maybe one day I will feel confident enough about my offensive capabilities to post a guide haha.


It's probably just me but the way I play FSB 2 is that I define roles for each of the positions in the game according to my playing style.. sometimes I just wished people in these beginner channel(s) actually play like I would prefer and not be the constant disappointment that I'm forced to endure each time I log on...

So I would like to, again, label what are you roles in FSB 2 according to position. Please keep in mind that this is how I see the game and how it reflects my style:

Point Guard (PG): you pass the ball, you facilitate the offense, you are NOT the main scorer, you take open shots when you get the opportunity to, you play tight defense on the outside.

Shooting Guard (SG): you are the main scorer, you can shoot 2s but you mainly do your damage beyond the arc in the 3pt area.

Center (C): you are the rim defender, you block everything that goes inside, you rebound, you pass back, you help on defense, you score when the pain is clear.

Small Forward (SF): you are the main scorer, you live in the 2pts area, you take middle jumpers, you can go inside but that's not forte, you play lock down defense on the perimeter.

Power Forward (PF): you are a hybrid scorer and rebounder, you score most of your points within the paint, you can take middle jumpers but that's not your strong point, you can be main rebounder with the right skills equipped.

That was the quick and dirty version of what I expect for each position to do in FSB 2. If you need more details, I suggest you look at my PG & Rebounder guides for FSB 1 because I think a lot of the information in those guides can translate well to FSB 2. I have guides for FSB 2 coming but they're not quite done yet... I'll release them when they're ready.

circle of pain

As I stated in my review on Steam about FSB 2, HERE, I would like to reiterate some of the points. *** WARNING*** rant incoming!  

It is a HORRIBLE experience to play this game in the starting channel(s)... I don't know what it is, but the beginning channel(s) for FSB has the noobiest players ever or they're just plain dumb... I'm sorry... but I can't sugar coat it in any other way than that... some of these players are just plain TERRIBLE! Everyone want to be scorers... no one plays rebounder... no likes to pass... no one likes to play defense... etc...

I think it's pretty common sense that if you take a shot in front of someone or try to lay the ball up in front of a center... YOU WILL GET BLOCKED! I am not being picky here but some of the things I have seen just have me scratching my head in disbelief. Getting blocked once... OK, simple mistake that can happen to anyone. Getting blocked twice... OK, it can happen. Getting blocked three times, four times, FIVE SIX SEVEN... seriously? you still don't see what's happening yet? 
You left the SG open and he made an open 3... OK, a lapse in defense, perfectly understandable. You left the SG open again because you were chasing the ball... OK, maybe it was a bad rotation, I understand. The SG continues to be WIDE OPEN time and time again... do these people not understand the basic of the game of basketball?

The aspect of passing the ball is lost in these channel(s)... if you pass them the ball it's automatically spam A into taking a shot... never once does it goes through their minds that maybe if you pass the ball it can setup a better shot. Many times I pass someone the ball where they are wide open to take a shot but they don't do it... instead they spam A and ends up getting blocked... WHY?!? Once again, SPAMMING STEAL IS NOT PLAYING DEFENSE.

What is the circle of pain? These players will never learn to play the right way that uses teamwork, defense, etc... They will continue to play like this and when they get to the higher levels they will meet teams that will absolutely DESTROY them... and you know what will happen? They will either quit the game or make a new characters and continue to play incorrectly... rinse and repeat. I can see why it's so hard for unknown players to find a good team to play with in the higher level channel(s)... who can you really trust to play with unless you know them? Although I don't condone it... I can see why people kick unknown players at the latter stages of the game... you definitely don't want to get stuck with one of those people you ran into from the beginners channel(s). 

FSB 2 on Steam

Freestyle Street Basketball 2 is now on Steam! Find it HERE

Against my better judgement I, once again, decided to give it a try with hopes that things are better now since the game is on Steam (I know... stupid huh?). You know... maybe I have been away from the game for so long but I think the lag is a little better... There are still the few hiccups and server issues here or there but overall the lag isn't bad... so that's an improvement...

Now... sigh... the community is still the same... sadly...
No matter what generation of FSB players it is, the same problems still persist. It's so annoying to play with people who have no idea what the pass button is, what defense is, what smart playing is, and sometimes I wonder if they even know what the concept of basketball is... For example, it's both sad and funny to watch some of these players continuously try to drive to the basket even after getting blocked 5-6 times in a row but they still want to do it... don't they realized that FSB isn't REAL basketball? You can't play this game thinking you will be like Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose and drive to the basket every single possession... and yet... they still want to do it! What else I don't get is if you are prevented from moving by good defenses or whatever and you can't dribble anymore... why don't you just pass the ball? Why do you stand there and spin around in one spot trying to get a shot off? Is passing really that difficult of a thing to do for some of these players? One more thing... defense isn't just spamming steal... 

Oh yeah, isn't it annoying to keep hearing someone spamming "pass! pass! pass!" every time they don't have the ball? My suggestion would be to learn how to play and move without the ball first before you ask for it but I guess that's just wishful thinking. 

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