Moving Rubber
Why do I like the Gatsby moving rubber series? It's the best product I have found so far for my hair... and believe me, I have tried them all: gel, mousse, hairspray, wax, etc... I have even tried multiple brands: American Crew, Axe, Bed Head, got2b... and nothing comes close to Gatsby Moving Rubber. My style is to have natural looking and non-shiny hair. Moving Rubber gives me that.
Spiky Edge: this is the absolute best for spiky styles, hence the name. I really like to use it when I have shorter hair. I have also tried to use it on longer hair as well... it works... but it can weigh down your hair and makes it greasy since you have to use more of it.
Wild Shake: in my opinion, this possibly could be the best one for all types of hair. It can do spikes for short hair and it can do a nice natural messy look for longer hair. Unlike Spiky Edge, which can create a more straight vertical spike, Wild Shake can make your spikes look more "wavy" and "wild". Although it's a little shinier than Spiky Edge, Wild Shake is one of my favorite Moving Rubber versions.
Air Rise: this is supposed to make your hair soft and airy. However, all I found is this version just lacks the holding power of the others. It kinda looks good when you first put it on but your hair will fall flat in no time.
Cool Wet: this is the one Moving Rubber version that I have never tried before. I just don't like the shiny wet look... I prefer natural and non-shiny.
Multi Form: I don't have very much to say about this one... it just doesn't stand out. It's sorta shiny... it works ok with short and long hair... it doesn't have one area where it's best at. If it comes down to it, I can't recommend it.
Loose Shuffle: this, actually, was the first version I ever ordered when I decided to try out the Moving Rubber series. Loose Shuffle was advertised as good for all types of hair but I found that it just wasn't that good... Multi Form and Loose Shuffle are kinda the same thing... it's average... there are better alternatives.
Grunge Mat: this along with Wild Shake are my two favorite Moving Rubber versions. If you are looking for no-shine, strong hold, and natural look; Grunge Mat is for you. It makes your hair looks like you're not wearing any products at all. I like it on both short and long hair.

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