Saturday, May 14, 2022

broken skills

There are a couple of skills in Basketrio that I absolutely loathe: Tip Out, Turn Around Fade Away, Post-Up Jumper, and Unyielding Will.

  • Tip Out: since I play rebounder this skill is probably the most annoying thing in the game. The ironic thing is I use it! Let me rephrase, I HAVE TO use it. If I don't use it I will never get a rebound because of how absurd the skill is. Even when I worked hard to get position, perfectly boxed out the other rebounder, he/she can press one button to use this skill and all my effort were in vain. What makes this skill so overpowered is its priority over a regular rebound motion. Another broken aspect of this skill is when it teleports the user to where the ball is. Multiple times I have used this skill no where near the ball and some how my character quickly teleport/slide to the area for a tip out. A lot of times the rebound battle becomes who can tip the most. 
  • Turn Around Fade Away & Post-Up Jumper: these two skills are basically the same thing. What makes them overpowered is unless you successfully block them, they have like a 85% chance of going in. Are they easy to block? NOPE! Not only are they difficult to block, a lot of times you are put into a guessing situation whether or not the opponent will even use them.
  • Unyielding Will: you've just gotten a block on a dunk, you're good right? WRONG! The person you blocked somehow managed to throw up a shot while falling backward and scored. Was there anything you could have done about it? NOPE! That's "Unyielding Will". There should never be a skill that provides a second chance for someone to score after they have been stopped.
The above skills need to be re-balanced. I don't know how much balancing the developers do to the game but it is needed.