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I've been playing the 3v3 Basketball games since "Freestyle Street Basketball" from Sierra Online in 2007. Now there are many iterations of the game out there for people to choose from ranging from PC games to Mobile games: Freestyle Street Basketball 2, 3on3: Freestyle, Streetball Allstar, Basketrio: 3v3 Basketball Arena, etc... While these games might look different on the outside, the gameplay is quite similar. That means these games also share the same weaknesses, flaws, and design issues. 

I love these games; hence why I'm still playing them after all these years. However, I feel like there's so much untapped potential for these type of games. What I want to do is make a list of all the problems I believe the game has along with my humble opinion on how to remedy those issues. Maybe lighting will strike and the developers will read what I have and update the games. 🤞

  • I know these games are P2W (pay-to-win) model but I wished it was F2P (free-to-play) with cosmetic items as the only thing users can purchase with real money. 
  • Make the game more skilled based.
    • Have a shot meter for jump shots
    • Add in a meter mechanic for dunks/layups
    • Improve netcode so the game is less reliant on ping
  • Remove all the BS elements from the game.
    • Shooting a weird fade away dream shake shot at the 3pt line should have a very low chance to go in.
    • Shooting a WIDE OPEN shot in an area that your character specializes in should never miss as much as it does now. ie: if I'm a SF that's has maxed out stats in middle shot, I should NOT be missing a wide open middle jumper with no one near me.
    • In my opinion, sometimes it's so clear the game favors one team over the other 😅. No matter how many open shots you take or good passes you make the game will try its hardest to make sure you either miss or the ball ends up on the hand of the other team.
    • Reduce the amount of random intercepts and steals.
    • If I managed to stop your action dribble and you're standing still in front of me but decide to just pull up for a shot? That shot should have a very low chance to go in. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
  • Make the game less reliant on drive or action dribble. Put more emphasis on ball movement, positioning, and teamwork.
    • 90% of the players just know how to spam action dribble into a shot... they know nothing else.
    • Shooting during an action dribble should reduce the percentage of the shot going in. eg: if someone spams the dribble button then do a pull up jumper.
    • Improve the defense mechanic against action dribble. It should not be so easy to "break" the defender; especially when the ball handler did nothing special.
    • Action dribbles should not create impossible separation and openings for the offensive player. I'm talking about maneuvers that's literally impossible to cover on defense.
  • Decrease the effectiveness of screens to reduce the amount of players abusing the mechanic.
    • Shooting right behind a screen should have a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the shot's success.
    • Make it harder for teams to set up a screen as a method to deter moving screens.
      • If someone is constantly bumping into another player on the other team, that person should not be able to execute the screen move. 
      • Make it so if a team wants to set up a screen the person doing it should already be standing in place and the other team's defender run into him/her.
  • Increase the emphasis on defense in the game.
    • No offensive moves should be invincible or almost impossible to stop/block.
    • Add a "defense aura" mechanic to the game. This means if a defender is near you, it lowers your chance to make a shot/dunk. That scoring percentage lowers even more if the defender attempts to block or contest the shot.
  • To me Chip Out is one of the most overpowered skill in the game. The move should be nerfed. I use it during games (you have to) and sometimes I marvel at how good it is.
    • Why does it have priority over a regular rebound even if you're in a worse position and being boxed out? How many times have you seen a person basically slide/teleport to where the ball is for a chip?
    • Why does the ball fly directly overhead the person who chipped for an easy grab?
    • How can the person, doing the chip out, recover then jump again way faster than the person who did a normal rebound? The chipper can jump twice before the normal rebound person can even recover.
    • A lot of times even if a person predicts and wait for the chip, the chipper will still get it over them. That shouldn't happen.
    • Why can someone continuously chip the ball in the air like they're playing Hacky Sack?
    • The range and priority of Chip Out should be substantially nerfed/reduced.
  • There should be no "comeback mechanic" in these games
    • If I blocked your dunk, there should not be a "second chance" skill that still let you get off the shot. Especially when that skill never seem to miss.
  • Minimize the chaos in the game.
    • Whenever there is a loose ball, whether it's after a block or a failed rebound, chaos ensue. It should not be this hard to tell where the bouncing ball will end up. Many times when I'm chasing a loose ball thinking it will roll to a particular spot, it ends up somewhere else. I don't know why they made it so confusing.
    • Another way to reduce the mayhem is to reward the defender who successfully blocked the shot. If you blocked a shot, you should end up with the ball instead of having it roll around on the ground and 3-4 people chasing after it. Create higher priority for the defender to pick up the ball.


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