Saturday, May 14, 2022

broken skills

There are a couple of skills in Basketrio that I absolutely loathe: Tip Out, Turn Around Fade Away, Post-Up Jumper, and Unyielding Will.

  • Tip Out: since I play rebounder this skill is probably the most annoying thing in the game. The ironic thing is I use it! Let me rephrase, I HAVE TO use it. If I don't use it I will never get a rebound because of how absurd the skill is. Even when I worked hard to get position, perfectly boxed out the other rebounder, he/she can press one button to use this skill and all my effort were in vain. What makes this skill so overpowered is its priority over a regular rebound motion. Another broken aspect of this skill is when it teleports the user to where the ball is. Multiple times I have used this skill no where near the ball and some how my character quickly teleport/slide to the area for a tip out. A lot of times the rebound battle becomes who can tip the most. 
  • Turn Around Fade Away & Post-Up Jumper: these two skills are basically the same thing. What makes them overpowered is unless you successfully block them, they have like a 85% chance of going in. Are they easy to block? NOPE! Not only are they difficult to block, a lot of times you are put into a guessing situation whether or not the opponent will even use them.
  • Unyielding Will: you've just gotten a block on a dunk, you're good right? WRONG! The person you blocked somehow managed to throw up a shot while falling backward and scored. Was there anything you could have done about it? NOPE! That's "Unyielding Will". There should never be a skill that provides a second chance for someone to score after they have been stopped.
The above skills need to be re-balanced. I don't know how much balancing the developers do to the game but it is needed.   

Thursday, April 14, 2022


The matchmaking in Basketrio is so bad! Why does it keep giving me teammates that doesn't even know how to play the game? When I say "don't know how to play the game" I mean people who plays like they just downloaded the game minutes ago and have no idea what's going on. I thought I am high enough in ranking where these types of players shouldn't be matched with me anymore. A scary thought is they got to higher rank playing like that... 😱 I'm convinced a lot of these players don't even know what the sport of basketball is.

Sometimes I can just look at your character name and can tell what kind of player you are: 
  • Players that have a name generated by the game, C. L. Max or something like that, 95% of them are bad. 
  • Players with names such as: KobeSwish, Lebron23James, IDunkOnYou, etc... 95% of them are bad.
  • Players with racist names? 100% should be banned.
If they don't have a name like what I mentioned above, it only takes a few possessions for me to tell how good of a player they are.
  • How do they defend? If they spam steal, constantly leave their mark open, chase the ball, etc... a bad player will have bad defense.
  • When I pass them the ball what do they do? If they're open but still spam action dribble/drive and wasted a good opportunity, don't pass when they're double-teamed, going in for a layup against a C/PF, etc... it's easy to tell how good someone is by the way they handle the ball.
  • How good is their game sense? Do they know how to play without the ball? Are they reading the movements on the court? 
  • If you keep spamming "PASS ME THE BALL", I automatically think you suck.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

two scorers doesn't work


Two scorers on a team doesn't work... I don't know why people keep trying to make it happen. What do I mean by "two scorers"? For example: SG-SF-Rebounder, SG-SG-Rebounder, SF-Scoring PF-Rebounder, PG-SF-Scoring PF, etc.. Combinations like these WILL NOT work.

The main reason is one person ALWAYS ends up dominating the ball and taking the most shots. That leaves the other scorer playing a supporting role that the position is not designed for. Take the team made up of SF-SG-Rebounder. If the SF ends up dominating the ball; takes the most shots and not passing, that leaves the SG trying to play the role of a PG. To me, a SG is not made for passing therefore it ends up hurting the efficiency of the SF as well. Not to mention the defensive rating of a SG is not as high as a PG either. This is why I want a PG on my team at all times. When I mean a PG, I mean a passing PG... but that's another topic for another day. 

I should mention how when one scorer dominates the ball it creates tension within the team with the other scorer feeling resentful and that's never good for team dynamics. If your rebounder ALSO wants to score? Well... your team is screwed. 😅    

Another thing to think about is how inefficient your team's offense will run when you have multiple scorers. This is how 85% of the teams on Basketrio is played: first scorer gets the ball, spam action dribble/drive, can't get open, passes to second scorer who repeats what the first scorer did. If somehow one person gets open then a shot goes up. Rinse and repeat. This is probably why the score for most games are so low. 

Now if you have one clear scorer with a true PG and a pure Rebounder, the offense can flow. The main scorer can focus on scoring and create openings for teammates. The PG focuses on getting the ball to the scorer at the right time and spreading out the floor so defense can't double the scorer. This also comes down to the scorer not being stupid and forcing shots. The PG need to realize that when the scorer passes them the ball it doesn't always mean it's time for them to score. It means he needs some room to move around before getting the ball back. People need to understand their roles for an offense to function at the optimum level.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

the worst part of basketrio

Do you know what is the WORST part of Basketrio? It's not the P2W element, it's not the app crashing multiple times, nor is it all the BS that happens in game. For me, it's the player base.

I'm not even talking about the trolls who type a bunch of crap in chat but the thing I'm referring to is how most people play the game. It's at the point where I'm thinking "Bots play better than some people". I don't mind losing but I DESPISE losing because of people doing dumb things. Let me give you a few examples:

  • Refusing to pass no matter the situation: against double-team, open teammate, can't dribble anymore, etc..
  • GREED. Don't care about winning or the team. What matters is you get to spam dribble and shooting the ball; miss or not all you care about is trying to score.
  • Making the same mistakes over and over AND over:
    • keep trying to rebound as a G, failing, leaving your man undefended, and giving up easy points. 
    • Chasing after the ball
    • Spamming steal and letting your man run away from you for an open shot
  • You got blocked once at the rim doing a layup, you go try it again and get blocked AGAIN, you go for a third time and BLOCKED AGAIN!
  • People going AFK at random times. Now this could be lag or connection issues but it's very suspect when they only go AFK during defensive possessions but "conveniently" come back when it's time to shoot the ball. 
That's just some of the things that annoys me so much when playing Basketrio. I don't know if these people are just dumb, stubborn, or they simply don't care. Most likely it's the third reason but they should have some decency to try not to ruin the experience for the other players on the team.
It makes sense if you're brand new to the game and making newbie mistakes but the people I'm talking about are high enough in rank that they should know better! It's so aggravating.

This issue is my main goal for creating guides on this site. I simply just want to raise the overall quality of gameplay. 
Once again, I often wonder how in the world did some of these people manage to get to their high rank playing like this? It makes zero sense to me.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

stay out of the paint!

One of the most annoying things that people do in game is run into the paint for a layup or dunk as a PG, SG, or SF. Why??? This isn't a NBA 2K, you will get blocked the majority of the time. Just score using jump shots, no need to be fancy with some stupid layup/dunk.

Another reason to stay out of the paint as a PG, SG, and SF is... COVER YOUR MAN! You can't cover the perimeter if you're in the paint right? 
Your rebounder doesn't need you under the basket to help with the rebound either. Trust me. If the opposing rebounder is so good that they're beating your team's rebounder, I'm pretty sure they can outrebound a smaller position. When you miss that rebound, and you will, you just left a wide open shot for the other team.

In case I'm still not being clear, please refer to the picture below.

Monday, February 28, 2022



I'm honestly baffled how some people even managed to get to their current rank or even get ONE win playing the way they do: greedy, selfish, no passing, making stupid mistakes over and over, giving up at the first sight of difficulties, etc...

So many instances, in game, where I say aloud, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" and then shake my head.

Either players are so clueless or that self-centered because they rather take a bad shot and get blocked than pass to a wide open teammate. For example, so many times where I play PG and I'm standing there WIDE OPEN because my defender left to double the SG on my team and he/she still refuses to pass the ball for easy points. I don't get it... what goes through their head?

However, when it's the RIGHT time to shoot they waste it by spamming drive/action dribble! If they take half a second to analyze the situation, they can get the points they coveted. Some habits need to be broken. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

  • So that means if you got blocked 2-3 times already trying to do a layup... why do you keep doing it??
  • If you keep going for a rebound as a SG, never getting it, and leaving your man open for a shot... why do you keep doing it??
  • Whenever a shot goes up and you run to get in position to shoot the ball because you automatically assume your rebounder will get it back but he hasn't been able to get a single rebound the entire game and all you're doing is giving the other team easy points because you're not there to defend... why do you keep doing it?
I understand some games are unwinnable but I will NOT accept losing because of stupid mistakes and tendencies. I have lost so many games where we should have won due to people not adapting and recognizing simple things which they're doing wrong. 

Friday, February 25, 2022


My "wish list" for the 3v3 Basketball games are up. These are opinions, based on my experience playing the games, that I think will improve the overall experience of the current 3v3 basketball model. I'll probably add to the wish list the more I play/observe the game.

Another wish, I didn't list on the page, that I would like to mention on this post is... I want KUKGI back! 😆 That "unique" mechanic created so much fun gameplay for the game... It's literally another form of offense so people would have to rely less on action dribbles. I know only old school FSB players would understand what Kukgi is or what I'm talking about. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

basics are up!

The basics guide for the 3v3 Basketball Mobile Games is up. I feel like it's still missing a few things so I'll add to the guide when they come to me.

I'll most likely do guides for a rebounder (my main position) and Point Guard in the future so be on the lookout for those. Once again, they'll contain what I think are "basics" for each position but I know it'll help people.

I also want to post a "Wish List" for the overall design of the 3v3 Basketball games. From FSB all the way to Basketrio, these games have some flaws that I want to address and make recommendations (wish) for improvements. This will just be my thoughts and opinions.

Here's my lowly level 31 Center with basic gear. Still getting beat often by higher level rebounders 😂. This is my first season on Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena (hopefully more to come). 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

coming soon...


Since I started playing some FSB clones such as "Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena" and "Streetball Allstar" on my phone, the amount of bad games I have suffered through is ASTRONOMICAL! 
Therefore I decided to re-create my guides for these mobile games with the hope that it will improve the overall experience for EVERYONE. I simply want the matches to be tolerable... where people at least know what they're doing.

The majority of my guides will be for Basketrio because I prefer that game over Streetball Allstar. However, you can apply a lot of the basics throughout both games.

This is a work in progress so it'll take some time before I'm finished... so please check back periodically for updates.