Sunday, February 20, 2022

basics are up!

The basics guide for the 3v3 Basketball Mobile Games is up. I feel like it's still missing a few things so I'll add to the guide when they come to me.

I'll most likely do guides for a rebounder (my main position) and Point Guard in the future so be on the lookout for those. Once again, they'll contain what I think are "basics" for each position but I know it'll help people.

I also want to post a "Wish List" for the overall design of the 3v3 Basketball games. From FSB all the way to Basketrio, these games have some flaws that I want to address and make recommendations (wish) for improvements. This will just be my thoughts and opinions.

Here's my lowly level 31 Center with basic gear. Still getting beat often by higher level rebounders 😂. This is my first season on Basketrio:3v3 Basketball Arena (hopefully more to come). 


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