Monday, February 28, 2022



I'm honestly baffled how some people even managed to get to their current rank or even get ONE win playing the way they do: greedy, selfish, no passing, making stupid mistakes over and over, giving up at the first sight of difficulties, etc...

So many instances, in game, where I say aloud, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" and then shake my head.

Either players are so clueless or that self-centered because they rather take a bad shot and get blocked than pass to a wide open teammate. For example, so many times where I play PG and I'm standing there WIDE OPEN because my defender left to double the SG on my team and he/she still refuses to pass the ball for easy points. I don't get it... what goes through their head?

However, when it's the RIGHT time to shoot they waste it by spamming drive/action dribble! If they take half a second to analyze the situation, they can get the points they coveted. Some habits need to be broken. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

  • So that means if you got blocked 2-3 times already trying to do a layup... why do you keep doing it??
  • If you keep going for a rebound as a SG, never getting it, and leaving your man open for a shot... why do you keep doing it??
  • Whenever a shot goes up and you run to get in position to shoot the ball because you automatically assume your rebounder will get it back but he hasn't been able to get a single rebound the entire game and all you're doing is giving the other team easy points because you're not there to defend... why do you keep doing it?
I understand some games are unwinnable but I will NOT accept losing because of stupid mistakes and tendencies. I have lost so many games where we should have won due to people not adapting and recognizing simple things which they're doing wrong. 


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