Sunday, March 6, 2022

stay out of the paint!

One of the most annoying things that people do in game is run into the paint for a layup or dunk as a PG, SG, or SF. Why??? This isn't a NBA 2K, you will get blocked the majority of the time. Just score using jump shots, no need to be fancy with some stupid layup/dunk.

Another reason to stay out of the paint as a PG, SG, and SF is... COVER YOUR MAN! You can't cover the perimeter if you're in the paint right? 
Your rebounder doesn't need you under the basket to help with the rebound either. Trust me. If the opposing rebounder is so good that they're beating your team's rebounder, I'm pretty sure they can outrebound a smaller position. When you miss that rebound, and you will, you just left a wide open shot for the other team.

In case I'm still not being clear, please refer to the picture below.


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