Sunday, March 13, 2022

the worst part of basketrio

Do you know what is the WORST part of Basketrio? It's not the P2W element, it's not the app crashing multiple times, nor is it all the BS that happens in game. For me, it's the player base.

I'm not even talking about the trolls who type a bunch of crap in chat but the thing I'm referring to is how most people play the game. It's at the point where I'm thinking "Bots play better than some people". I don't mind losing but I DESPISE losing because of people doing dumb things. Let me give you a few examples:

  • Refusing to pass no matter the situation: against double-team, open teammate, can't dribble anymore, etc..
  • GREED. Don't care about winning or the team. What matters is you get to spam dribble and shooting the ball; miss or not all you care about is trying to score.
  • Making the same mistakes over and over AND over:
    • keep trying to rebound as a G, failing, leaving your man undefended, and giving up easy points. 
    • Chasing after the ball
    • Spamming steal and letting your man run away from you for an open shot
  • You got blocked once at the rim doing a layup, you go try it again and get blocked AGAIN, you go for a third time and BLOCKED AGAIN!
  • People going AFK at random times. Now this could be lag or connection issues but it's very suspect when they only go AFK during defensive possessions but "conveniently" come back when it's time to shoot the ball. 
That's just some of the things that annoys me so much when playing Basketrio. I don't know if these people are just dumb, stubborn, or they simply don't care. Most likely it's the third reason but they should have some decency to try not to ruin the experience for the other players on the team.
It makes sense if you're brand new to the game and making newbie mistakes but the people I'm talking about are high enough in rank that they should know better! It's so aggravating.

This issue is my main goal for creating guides on this site. I simply just want to raise the overall quality of gameplay. 
Once again, I often wonder how in the world did some of these people manage to get to their high rank playing like this? It makes zero sense to me.


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