Wednesday, March 23, 2022

two scorers doesn't work


Two scorers on a team doesn't work... I don't know why people keep trying to make it happen. What do I mean by "two scorers"? For example: SG-SF-Rebounder, SG-SG-Rebounder, SF-Scoring PF-Rebounder, PG-SF-Scoring PF, etc.. Combinations like these WILL NOT work.

The main reason is one person ALWAYS ends up dominating the ball and taking the most shots. That leaves the other scorer playing a supporting role that the position is not designed for. Take the team made up of SF-SG-Rebounder. If the SF ends up dominating the ball; takes the most shots and not passing, that leaves the SG trying to play the role of a PG. To me, a SG is not made for passing therefore it ends up hurting the efficiency of the SF as well. Not to mention the defensive rating of a SG is not as high as a PG either. This is why I want a PG on my team at all times. When I mean a PG, I mean a passing PG... but that's another topic for another day. 

I should mention how when one scorer dominates the ball it creates tension within the team with the other scorer feeling resentful and that's never good for team dynamics. If your rebounder ALSO wants to score? Well... your team is screwed. 😅    

Another thing to think about is how inefficient your team's offense will run when you have multiple scorers. This is how 85% of the teams on Basketrio is played: first scorer gets the ball, spam action dribble/drive, can't get open, passes to second scorer who repeats what the first scorer did. If somehow one person gets open then a shot goes up. Rinse and repeat. This is probably why the score for most games are so low. 

Now if you have one clear scorer with a true PG and a pure Rebounder, the offense can flow. The main scorer can focus on scoring and create openings for teammates. The PG focuses on getting the ball to the scorer at the right time and spreading out the floor so defense can't double the scorer. This also comes down to the scorer not being stupid and forcing shots. The PG need to realize that when the scorer passes them the ball it doesn't always mean it's time for them to score. It means he needs some room to move around before getting the ball back. People need to understand their roles for an offense to function at the optimum level.


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