Thursday, April 14, 2022


The matchmaking in Basketrio is so bad! Why does it keep giving me teammates that doesn't even know how to play the game? When I say "don't know how to play the game" I mean people who plays like they just downloaded the game minutes ago and have no idea what's going on. I thought I am high enough in ranking where these types of players shouldn't be matched with me anymore. A scary thought is they got to higher rank playing like that... 😱 I'm convinced a lot of these players don't even know what the sport of basketball is.

Sometimes I can just look at your character name and can tell what kind of player you are: 
  • Players that have a name generated by the game, C. L. Max or something like that, 95% of them are bad. 
  • Players with names such as: KobeSwish, Lebron23James, IDunkOnYou, etc... 95% of them are bad.
  • Players with racist names? 100% should be banned.
If they don't have a name like what I mentioned above, it only takes a few possessions for me to tell how good of a player they are.
  • How do they defend? If they spam steal, constantly leave their mark open, chase the ball, etc... a bad player will have bad defense.
  • When I pass them the ball what do they do? If they're open but still spam action dribble/drive and wasted a good opportunity, don't pass when they're double-teamed, going in for a layup against a C/PF, etc... it's easy to tell how good someone is by the way they handle the ball.
  • How good is their game sense? Do they know how to play without the ball? Are they reading the movements on the court? 
  • If you keep spamming "PASS ME THE BALL", I automatically think you suck.  


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